Étang de Thau


Picpoul de Pinet stretches along the Thau lagoon to the west of the Mediterranean’s Golfe de Lyon and is the largest white wine producing area in the Languedoc. 

Fortunately, Picpoul vines, unlike phylloxera bugs, can thrive happily in sandy soils, which became their last bastion against extinction. It is no surprise, then, that Picpoul is to be found only in coastal vineyards such as those which surround Pinet and the Etang de Thau, just west of Montpellier. 

It grows in a dry climate, so the end-of-season humidity helps grapes fill out and finish ripening. The grapes grow in loose bunches, are oval shaped and come off easily.

The Picpoul de Pinet terroir consists of a triangle bounded by Agde, Pézenas and Sète: a limestone plateau saturated in sunshine and covered in highly perfumed garrigue, rows of vines, and scattered pine groves.

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